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Inquisitori alle Scuole Grandi

The Lessico Veneto (Venetian Vocabulary) by Fabio Mutinelli was published in 1851. It is an invaluable tool for anybody who reads texts from the time of the Republic of Venice.

Fabio Mutinelli (1797-1876) was director of the I. R. Archivio Generale di Venezia (1847-1861), and a prolific writer on the history of Venice.

INQUISITORS OF THE GREAT SCHOOLS. In the year 1622, dependent on the Council of Ten, three Inquisitors of the Great Schools were elected, or major confraternities, in order to remove abuses from them, introduce good rules of administration of the revenues for the benefit of the poor, and approve those appointed to positions within.

Translator’s notes

The Inquisitori alle Scuole Grandi was to all extents and purposes an organ of the Venetian state, albeit minor, with the powers to issue laws and regulations. For an example, see A Venetian Law.

The Scuole Grandi — The Great Schools — were the wealthies of the different charities in Venice, usually given as six, but the list and number of the Scuole Grandi changed over time.

Some of the them were:

Original Italian text

INQUISITORI ALLE SCUOLE GRANDI. Nell’ anno 1622, dipendenti dal Consiglio dei Dieci, furono eletti tre Inquisitori alle Scuole grandi, o confraternite maggiori, affin di togliere da quelle gli abusi, introdurre buone regole nell’amministrazione delle entrate a benefizio dei poveri, ed approvare i nominati alle cariche.

p. 209

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