About René Seindal

History Walks Venice is run by René Seindal, a Danish historian living in Venice for ten years. René speaks English, Italian and Danish fluently.

History Walks Venice is run by René Seindal.

René is Danish by birth, but lives in Venice for ten years with Martina, his Venetian wife, and their two dogs Stella and Giubba.

René has an M.A. in History and Italian, and a B.Sc. in computer science and math, both from the University of Copenhagen. He is also an authorized tour leader (accompagnatore turistico) in Italy.

Living in Venice with Venetian relatives and friends, together with his passion for everything past, has made it impossible for him not to delve into the rich history that permeates everything in Venice.

Wherever you look in Venice, history stares back at you. The names of the alleyways, an ancient graffiti on a wall, an altar in a dark passage, it all tells you something about the past and the people who lived then. This is what he would like to share with you on his history walks.

His native tongue is Danish, and he speaks and writes English and Italian fluently.

Photography and Boats

René Seindal is also a capable photographer. He does photo walks and photo shoots for Photo Walks Venice. He is on the board of the Venetian photographic association Marco Polo Fotografia. His photos has been exhibited in Venice and elsewhere on various occations. A collection of his photos is available online at Venice Street Photography.

René is also a keen kayaker and rower, owns more boats that he has spaces to keep, and generally enjoys fooling around in boats.

Finally, he is also a member and volunteer with the ArcheoClub Venezia, where among other things he does guided visits in English and Italian at the Lazzaretto Nuovo.

Contact René

You can write René at rene@historywalksvenice.com