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Drawings on the walls on Lazzaretto Nuovo island, from the 1500s

Many guides and guidebooks can answer a lot of the ‘what’ questions about Venice, but very few can answer the harder ‘why’ questions. With my history walks in Venice, and boat tours in the lagoon, I try to explain why Venice is the way it is.

The over two hundred blog posts, long form articles, newsletters, lists and translations on this site should give an idea of the breadth and depth of the possible subjects for discussion during our walks.

My name is René Seindal, and I’m a Danish historian, living in Venice for almost two decades with my Venetian family. I am an authorised tour leader (accompagnatore turistico) in English, Italian and Danish. Besides my walks and boat tours, I’m also a guide on the Lazzaretto Nuovo island.

All my activities are bespoke, centred on what interests you about the history of Venice. I only do walks in small groups, to leave time and space for dialogue, questions and interactions. There are no microphones or ear buds, I do not want to be a walking audio guide.

The tours are not as such targeted for children, but kids are very welcome, and I will do my best.

Tours on offer

Hidden History

Depiction of 16th century gondolas on an alter at Santa Giustina in Venice

A walk around Venice, exploring the many messages from Venice of yore, often hidden in plain view.

Plague Island

Drawings on the walls on Lazzaretto Nuovo island, from the 1500s

A guided visit to the island Lazzaretto Nuovo, where quarantine was invented to fight the Black Death.

Lagoon tours

Abandoned remains on Batteria Ex-Poveglia

A boat tour in the Venetian lagoon reveals that there’s much more to Venice than just the city.

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★★★★★ Thanks for a great few hours! Learned so much 🙂 — Amy

★★★★★ A perfect start for a Venetian sojourn — Laura

★★★★★ WOW, Rene is an amazing storyteller, historian and a scholar — Noy

★★★★★ Rene beats all other guides here 10 to 1 — Anna

★★★★★ Book this experience, you’ll thank me later! — Michael

★★★★★ I would totally recommend this experience!! 👌👍 — Amrita

★★★★★ Rene is incredibly knowledgeable — Jörg

★★★★★ First class and insightful tour — Paul

★★★★☆ We loved the information so much — Katherine

★★★★★ Fantastic Time Learning About Venice — Mathew

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Writings on the
History of Venice

Between blog posts, long form articles, newsletters, various lists, and translations from the Curiosità Veneziane and others reference works, there are over two hundred in-depth articles on this site.

Alternatively, consult the single-unified list of all the articles, or browse the writings by location.

Recent writings

In-depth article series

  • The Venetian Lazzaretti

    The Venetian Lazzaretti

    The lazzaretti in Venice were the Venetian republic’s response to the emergency of the plague, and an efficient response too.

  • Strada Nova – from the Station to Rialto

    Strada Nova – from the Station to Rialto

    Venice changed from a city which primarily existed for its inhabitants to a city dominated by tourism, and the Strada Nova was the first step.

  • State institutions of the Republic of Venice

    State institutions of the Republic of Venice

    The Republic of Venice changed continuously as conditions inside and outside of it changed, until it gradually found its final form in the 1300s and 1400s.

Most popular articles

  • Prostitution in Venice

    Prostitution in Venice

    In ancient Venice prostitution was considered a necessary evil, where more harm would come from a ban than from a de facto acceptance

  • Population 49,999

    Population 49,999

    The population of the city of Venice has been in a steep decline for the last seventy years, and is now under 50,000 inhabitants.

  • The Fall of Venice

    The Fall of Venice

    The fall of Venice on May 12th, 1797, was the result of a war that the Republic of Venice formally wasn’t even party to.

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