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Past Venetian Stories

The most recent issues are here below, and everything is in the archive.

  • Domenico Pizzamano

    Domenico Pizzamano

    Domenico Pizzamano never expected to end up in prison. He was not a traitor. He had done his duty.

  • However, we’ll make another

    However, we’ll make another

    In the late Venetian republic, when the doge died, they held the funeral for a statue.

  • The Venetian constitution

    The Venetian constitution

    The constitution of the Republic of Venice never really existed. The Venetian nobility just made it up as they went.

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3 responses to “Venetian Stories – newsletter”

  1. Isola Dian Delves avatar
    Isola Dian Delves

    Can you help?
    Before the 4 of us left England to travel to Venice, we were told that Lido Venice was part of the municipality of Venice. We completed a form for paying the exemption fee of €20 each, the maximum that could be charged. We stayed for 7 days. However, upon arrival at the Airbnb, the owner requested we pay $20 each towards the municipality tax because he said he would be asked to make this payment. We wanted to get clarification from our team because we had completed the municipality form for exemption before we left England but the owner insisted we pay cash there and then. So we did to keep the peace. We asked many of our business partners who were also on Lido, in other hotels and not one of them were asked to pay the municipality tax. Is there anything we can do to claim our money back. Kind regards

    1. René Seindal avatar


      I fear that you shouldn’t have paid any fees whatsoever.

      The rules clearly state that tourists who stay in legal accommodation within the Municipality of Venice don’t have to pay the fee.

      Therefore, you should have paid nothing.

      You were not obliged to make the first online payment because you had booked accommodation in the Municipality of Venice. Once you’ve made the payment, however, I don’t think there’s any way to claim a refund.

      As for the Airbnb host, it sounds like fraud to me. As a host of tourist accommodation, he has the duty to report your presence to the Questura, and he should, had he been honest, have registered you as his guests on the online portal of the Municipality of Venice and supplied you with the QR codes to verify that you were exempt. The fact that he wanted cash is a clear sign that it was not legitimate. Cash cannot be traced, and he can just claim that he asked for nothing and received nothing. It’ll be his word against yours.

      Give him a scathing one-star review on Airbnb.

      I’m very sorry about your bad experience with the Venice access fee, but I cannot say I’m surprised. It was clear from the start how it would go. It was never meant to work. I’ve written about it here: Venice Access Fee — Money for nothing.

  2. Fabio avatar

    Hello. René you are confusing. The tourist tax has nothing to do with the entry tax. The host did the correct procedure. Guests pay 4 euros per person per night (after the fifth night it is free)
    So total 40 euros. The entrance tax (5 euros) is for people who come to Venice for the day without staying in a facility.
    The form to be filled out online is to NOT pay the entry fee and obtain a QR code in case of control.
    Once you arrive at the apartment or hotel it is mandatory to pay the tourist tax.

    In summary, guests filled out the form online to avoid paying the entry tax and not the tourist tax which ALWAYS has to be paid.

    Don’t give wrong information without knowing. The Host followed the correct procedure

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