Venetian coin showing the Doge and St Mark

If you like what I do, the absolutely best way to support me is to come to Venice and do one of my history walks in the city or boat tours in the lagoon.

That is and will remain my main activity, because it’s something I enjoy immensely.

If you can’t do that, for whatever reason, you can still support my writings about the History of Venice, both on this site and in the Venetian Stories email newsletter.

Pay it forward

You can book and pay a tour for an open date sometimes in the future. I’ll send you a receipt, and I’ll keep track of the forwards bookings.

When one day you’re here, your forward booking is here too. Or, if you prefer, you an pass it one to somebody else. Just send me an email then, and tell me who you’re sending.

For a normal History Walk in Venice, you can pay €30 (one person), €60 (two persons) or any other amount you’d like.

Don’t forget to write me afterwards to tell me who you are, as I don’t get than information from the credit card processor.

Gift certificates

If you want a gift certificate for a tour or walk, please send me an email.

I’ll send you a payment link and then a gift certificate to print and put in an envelope.

If you already know the date, I’ll mark that in my calendar. Otherwise the email is on the certificate, so the recipient can contact me for the practicalities.

Donate to support

If you like my Venetian Stories newsletter, or the writing on the History of Venice on this site in general, you can help me keep it up by making a donation. Any amount is welcome.

You can make a donation online here.

Payment by myPOS

Due to the in-person walks and tours I do in Venice, I have a credit card agreement through myPOS, which also included online payment world-wide.

All the payment links above are for my myPOS account.

Why not Patreon, Substack, Ko-Fi …

The internet abounds in systems for monetised newsletters, for micro-donations to creators and such.

I have tried a few, without being very happy with any.

In some cases I ended up sharing my writing on sites full of rather unsavoury individuals and organisations. That is one of the reasons why I decided to manage my newsletter myself, without intermediaries.

Also, I already have a system for accepting payments online world-wide, and all these systems require me to sign up for others.

Furthermore, many requires the use of US based payment systems. However, I’m based in Italy, and the use of any banking or payment system based outside the European Union will cause a worrying increase in the already noteworthy furrowing of my accountant’s brows.

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  1. Brona McBreen avatar
    Brona McBreen

    Excellent encyclopaedic knowledge. I wish I had prepared a list of questions, because I’m sure Rene would have had the answers!

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