Locality: Palazzo Ducale

  • Sestiere San Marco

    Sestiere San Marco

    The Sestiere San Marco is the central part of the city, bounded by the Grand Canal on three sides and a line from the Rialto to the Doge’s Palace on the last. It is one of the smallest of the sestieri, but probably the most important. The vicinity to the economic centre at Rialto and…

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  • Sestiere Castello

    Sestiere Castello

    The Sestiere Castello is the easternmost of the six sestieri of Venice, and the largest and populous.

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  • List of fires in Venice

    List of fires in Venice

    Fires were a very real preoccupation of the Venetians, and there have been many fires in Venice over the centuries

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  • Why the winged lion?

    Why the winged lion?

    There are statues, reliefs and paintings of a winged lion all over Venice. The lion is the symbol of the Evangelist St. Mark

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  • Ballot and ballottaggio

    Ballot and ballottaggio

    The Venetian lawmakers voted by casting a small ball in a vase. That ball, a balote, became a ballot in the United States.

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  • Marin Falier – doge and traitor

    Marin Falier – doge and traitor

    Marin Falier was a doge of Venice, but he was beheaded on April 17th, 1355, for having orchestrated a coup against the state he led

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