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Venice didn’t end with the fall of La Serenissima. Venice ended under Austrian and later Italian rule.

  • Africa Orientale Italiana

    Africa Orientale Italiana

    At Sant’Elena in Venice a flagpole base commemorates Venetians fallen in Africa Orientale Italiana – an Italian colony in Ethiopia and Somalia

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  • Liberation Day in Italy

    Liberation Day in Italy

    Liberation Day – il Giorno della Liberazione – commemorates the end of German occupation in Italy on April 25th, 1945.

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  • Population 49,999

    Population 49,999

    The population of the city of Venice has been in a steep decline for the last seventy years, and is now under 50,000 inhabitants.

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  • Postcards from the 1950s

    Postcards from the 1950s

    Some old postcards from the 1950s give us a glimpse of how the city has changed dramatically within a single lifetime.

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  • Venetian House Numbers

    Venetian House Numbers

    Venice has an unusual system of house numbers. It is a fairly recent addition to Venice, and it has something to do with taxes.

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