Category: Why Venice?

Venice was in many ways very different from most other European states.

Why Venice became what it was is a very interesting. There are many questions, and very often the answers are not simple or straightforward.

Below are some attempts at answering some of the “Why Venice?” questions.

  • Why St Mark?

    Why St Mark?

    San Marco, or St Mark, is the patron saint of Venice since 828, and the Feast of St Mark on April 25th is an important day in Venice.

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  • Why the winged lion?

    Why the winged lion?

    There are statues, reliefs and paintings of a winged lion all over Venice. The lion is the symbol of the Evangelist St. Mark

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  • Why did Venice become a republic?

    Why did Venice become a republic?

    Venice was a republic from the beginning, but in a time when hereditary power was the norm, why did Venice become a republic and not a monarchy?

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  • Why did Venice get rich?

    Why did Venice get rich?

    Venice was rich. The wealth came from long distance trade, which relied on the geographical position of Venice.

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