Locality: Malamocco (Metamauco)

  • Doge — ASV Indice

    Doge — ASV Indice

    “Doge” from the L’Archivio di Stato di Venezia: indice generale, storico, descrittivo ed analitico (1937) by Andrea da Mosto

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  • Sestiere – sestieri

    Sestiere – sestieri

    Venice is divided into six sestiere whose origin is as old as the city of Venice itself. As far as we know, they have always been there.

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  • Venice might not have been

    Venice might not have been

    Venice was an independent state for almost a millennium, but it might note have been. It all hinged on a single battle fought in the Venetian lagoon in 810.

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  • Why the winged lion?

    Why the winged lion?

    There are statues, reliefs and paintings of a winged lion all over Venice. The lion is the symbol of the Evangelist St. Mark

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