Agnello Partecipazio (?-827; doge 811-827)

  • Doges of Venice

    Doges of Venice

    The complete list of the 120 Doges of Venice from Paoluccio Anafesto in 697 to Ludovico Manin in 1797

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  • Sestiere San Marco

    Sestiere San Marco

    The Sestiere San Marco is the central part of the city, bounded by the Grand Canal on three sides and a line from the Rialto to the Doge’s Palace on the last. It is one of the smallest of the sestieri, but probably the most important. The vicinity to the economic centre at Rialto and…

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  • Venice might not have been

    Venice might not have been

    Venice was an independent state for almost a millennium, but it might note have been. It all hinged on a single battle fought in the Venetian lagoon in 810.

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