Map of the lagoon islands

The central part of the Venetian lagoon on a map from 1780 by Lodovico Furlanetto

This is a map of the islands discussed in the article on the Venetian Lagoon and its islands. Not every miniscule island is on the map, but the important ones are.

Most of these islands can be reached on a boat tour in the lagoon.

The colours are green for public access; orange, accessible but with permission; red is inaccessible; blue abandoned; and black means lost.

The map is interactive, so you can zoom and pan around it. Clicking on a marker will show a bubble with a link to eventual articles about the island.

Islands covered on this site

Photos of some of the islands

Hover over the photos for captions. There aren’t photos of all the islands on the map.

Also on this site …

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