Pignate — vendor of pots and pans — Zompini — Arti #14

Gaetano Zompini - Arti che vanno per via - plate 14 - Pignate - vendor of pots and pans

Pignate — plate 14

The Arti che vanno per via nella città di Venezia (1753, 1770, 1785, etc.), by Gaetano Zompini (1700–1778), contains sixty engravings of common, mostly poor people, peddling their trades on the streets of Venice in the mid-1700s.


Mi co sta zerla vegno fin da Role,
E pignate furlane vendo: st’altro
Gha in sti cesti da Padoa techie, e ole.


With this backpack I come from Role
To sell Friulan pots; this other
Has in these baskets pans from Padova, and pots.


The placename Role is supposedly somewhere in Friuli, but I haven’t been able to locate it.

A zerla (also zerlo) is a kind of backpack for heavy loads, made of sticks and twine.

A pignata is a terracotta pot which can sit directly in the fire, or hang on a chain above, for making soups and stews. Something from Friuli is furlan.

A techia is a cooking pan, also of terracotta, for use on an open fire, while ola is another word for a cooking pot.

See Boerio (1829), entries ZERLA, PIGNÀTA, TECHIA and OLA.


The man resting is sitting on a yoke identical to the one used by the woman carrying milk (plate 16) and water (plate 24).

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