Dai Vovi — seller of eggs — Zompini — Arti #12

Gaetano Zompini - Arti che vanno per via - plate 12 - Dai Vovi - seller of eggs

Dai Vovi — plate 12

The Arti che vanno per via nella città di Venezia (1753, 1770, 1785, etc.), by Gaetano Zompini (1700–1778), contains sixty engravings of common, mostly poor people, peddling their trades on the streets of Venice in the mid-1700s.


Da Pasqua un’arte nova in sta Città
Se mette fora de zogar ai vovi;
E, chi no rompe el vovo ha guadagnà.


From Easter a new trade in this City
He goes outside to play with the eggs
And, he who doesn't break the egg has won.


Of course, there were egg sellers in the city all year, and not just around Easter. You get the impression that the inspiration of the good Don Questini failed him here.

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Zompini, Gaetano. Le arti che vanno per via nella città di Venezia inventate ed incise da Gaetano Zompini, Aggiuntavi una memoria di detto autore. Venezia, 1785.

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